Types of sports shoes

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Types of sports shoes

It’s hard enough to motivate yourself to exercise, much less worry about what kind of shoes you are going to wear at that time. Incorrectly selected shoes can break your labor, success. higher risk of injury or at least discomfort. Looking at the sole, this is a good place to start when you go looking for a new pair of sports shoes, as this is the basis of the shoe.

Walking shoes

If you plan to use walking shoes, you will need a lightweight, supportive sneaker with extra cushioning on the soles that support the ball and the heel of the foot. For arthritis sufferers, you may need shoes that have a “rocker sole” that will encourage your legs to roll with the natural movement of the heel to the nose. The front sole will be stiffer than running shoes, allowing your toes to move rather than bend as you move forward.

Running shoes

Sport, like running, is continuous movement in one direction, shock absorption is the key when choosing running shoes. Carbon rubber soles are heavy and tough, but provide greater foot resistance and durability. Hollow out rubber soles contain air, are lighter and more flexible. The Sierra Trading Post encourages people with flat feet to avoid heavily loaded crosses in favor of solid, flatter soles. Despite the fact that many people prefer to mitigate, some runners prefer very thin soles of barefoot crosses, which give more sensation. Blown rubber soles are popular for aerobics because of their high level of cushioning.

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